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Mothers, Mirrors and Existential Methods is the result of a research aimed to generate an insightful read regarding situations where the Mirror Stage of a child’s life as Jacques Lacan defines it might have partially or completely failed. Exploring instances where the Mother might not have matched D.W. Winnicott’s description of “good enough”, where the Mirror was broken or non-existent and access to transitional objects was unstable; whilst reflecting on the lives and works of artists who have expressed thoughts or produced works related to these topics. Combined, the results provide further understanding of the formation of the self, the artist and their work; in relation to how it has been, how it is, and how it could have been with the Mother, the Mirror and the (Self)Object. Present throughout the text is an inquiry into the Mirror and the reflection in the imagery of literature and cinema, in mythology, symbolism and in the collective unconscious.

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