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Food is Ancestral Communication Technology

Radical Roots project proposes to gather around a portable cooking table; honoring that we all carry wisdom, we can all teach each other, and we can always learn from each other's memories and paths.
Radical roots is a space to remember and create new memories through smell, taste, sound, touch, and sight.

As migrants, we want to create spaces of belonging for other migrants. Our goal is to share the pleasure and medicine of food and cooking, be together, and take risks in communication.

Radical Roots is a project for radical care/ care from the roots. To build connections with each other in spaces, conditions, and times when being disconnected may seem more accessible.


The first edition happened in AZC Amsterdam in the summer of 2022. In this webpage you will find our sound narrative divided in chapters for every session and a printable recipe book. 

We want to thank the residents of the AZC for their generous sharings. We stand with their struggle for asylum seeking.

Concept and design by: Lina Bravo Mora
Produced by: Lina Bravo Mora and Mayis Rukel
Sound narrative work: Mayis Rukel
Comissioned by: Stichting de Vrolijkheid for AZC Amsterdam
Guest Facilitators: Anna Celda, Jules David-Dufayard, Elena Braida, Gran Colectivo Pantitlán (Mariana Martinez Balvanera, Jorge Durán Solorzano)
Web page and recipe book by: Lina Bravo Mora
Photos by: Mayis Rukel

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