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“Pleasure activism is the work we do to reclaim our whole, happy, and satisfiable selves from the impacts, delusions, and limitations of oppression and/or supremacy.”


Pleasure Activism, written and gathered by adrienne maree brown and published in 2019 by the AK Press, is one of the foundational texts for my practice just as it is for my dear friend, artist & filmmaker Lucie Gérard.

In February 2021, Lucie and I published our podcast Soft Edges, the first season of which we dedicated to this brilliant text, spanning 12 episodes over 1 hour each; a deep study and discussion of all the chapters of this work.

We now offer a 3-4 hours long workshop performance consisting of sound and video pieces, music, spoken word, discussions & prompts aiming to generate a deep understanding of this essential work, accompanied by delicious organic snacks and an emphasis on pleasure and agency.

Below are some of the images from our workshop performance that took place in March 2022 at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, commissioned by the master's program Ecologies of Transformation.

For booking and details please feel free to contact us at

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