Photography by Dora Lionstone



We recently wrapped the first semester of the Ecologies of Transformation and it's been beautiful. It's currently my biggest joy to share this journey with such wonderful people & incredible artists. My heart swells when I think of all that we did, learned and went through in the past couple months. Maybe you don't hear much from me lately but I've been happy.

EoT group photo by Dora Lionstone



How to Read a Spread with The Pendant Tarot Deck (2021)

Method: The Muddy Ocean. The original tarot deck from The Pendant (2020) becomes a portal. The eight cards perform for the gaze of the one posing the questions. But they have their own demands from the one pulling the cards, forcing them to navigate between the narratives of symbols, the ruthless muddy ocean and their own deepest reflections.


Mayis Rukel - SELECTED 2020 Video Portraits | on The Pendant

'SELECTED 2020 - Video Portraits'; concept & production by Vere van Hal and Bieneke Bennekers, the interviews conducted by Luuk Heezen and the videos filmed and edited by Rik Lauwen. The eight video portraits are created together with the artists to give insight in their way of thinking and working and gives the viewer the chance to dive deeper into the work of our graduates. Special thanks to the jury members GRA Awards 2020 for Autonomous Arts; Femke Herregraven and Charl Landvreugd.