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"The point is not to render ideas less complex but to make the complex clear."
bell hooks

In Teaching to Transgress, hooks also said:
"My decisions about writing style, about not using conventional academic formats, are political decisions motivated by the desire to be inclusive, to reach as many readers as possible in as many different locations." (page 71)

Toni Morrison also said:
"I would like my work to do two things: be as demanding and sophisticated as I want it to be, and at the same time be accessible in a sort of emotional way to lots of people, just like jazz. That's a hard task. But that's what I want to do."

My works are my methods of cultivating survival in the afterlives of colonialism, towards healing, liberation and abolition. Among many of my sources, humor and vulnerability shape my narratives often, supporting movement through the pain that comes with daring to imagine the end of carceral world and opening up to the possibilities of creating a million others based in care.

I'm currently researching embodied social justice in my practice at the Sandberg Institute master's program Ecologies of Transformation (2021-2023), led by Camille Barton.

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