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Photo by Dora Lionstone

Photos by ©ATELIER AM, Hans van Hal

To get from one place to another
Performance, 38 min.
Mayis Rukel, Mira Thompson, Anna Raiola

“We need to move from here to there.
We need to change the air.”

To get from one place to another, is a rehearsal of movement,
Oriented towards the horizon;
Where futures of care, justice, belonging, equity and abundance expand.
Cultivated into reality through the smallest, most intimate parts of our lives,
And our imagination, and our healing relationship with the land,
And the echoes of our ancestors; Lorde, Baldwin, hooks and more.
To help us move from here to there, what seeds do we want to plant?
Until the seeds grow, how do we make sure we survive in joy?
Based on the sacredness of the body, equipped with complex strategies of survival:
Disability Justice is here to hold every single one of us.
What persists in beholding justice?
The land is the body.
Grief can be the garden.
This is confronting the past.
It is understanding cycles of violence.
It is a deep breath.

“Voyager, there are no bridges; one builds them as one moves.”
- Gloria Anzaldúa

Photos by ©Art in my Backyard, Daan Kooiman
The last image by Bilen Bilen

Commissioned by Atelier AM; 'To get from one place to another' premiered on September 24th, 2022 at the Corrosia Theater in Almere Haven, as the closure of the event Art in my Backyard by Museum M.

The work is the result of a two-months long collaboration between me, Mira Thompson and Anna Raiola.