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How to Read a Spread with The Pendant Tarot Deck (2021)

Film, 12 min.


Method: The Muddy Ocean. The original tarot deck from The Pendant (2020) becomes a portal. The eight cards perform for the gaze of the one posing the questions. But they have their own demands from the one pulling the cards, forcing them to navigate between the narratives of symbols, the ruthless muddy ocean and their own deepest reflections.

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Written & Directed by Mayis Rukel
3D Design & Animation by Teun Grondman
Voice Narration by Lucie Gérard
Graphic Design by Yuri Sato
Original Music by Patrick Walinga
Text Edited by Lila Bullen-Smith
Visual Design by Mayis Rukel & Teun Grondman
Sound Design by Mayis Rukel
Cast in The Pendant (2020) Sequence: Frans Dam, Charlotte Ha & Chachi Telfer
RietveldTV Creative Director Vere van Hal
RietveldTV Tune by Nathalie Bruys
RietveldTV is a Gerrit Rietveld Academie production
Thanks to Buro Rietveld & Public Rietveld

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